Frequently Asked Questions

CORE Tara offers the ultimate in-studio Pilates experience, at home. CORE Tara gives you access to over 100 online classes. No matter your fitness level or experience – beginner, intermediate, advanced, Prenatal and Postnatal – there is something for everyone!

What is CORE Tara?

Your CORE Tara subscription includes online Pilates mat classes and small equipment Pilates, Prenatal and Postnatal specific programs, stretch and restore and pathology specific classes.

When you sign up to a paid 12-month subscription you will receive Tara Kitchen recipes and meal plan. Your meal plan will help to add a nourishing holistic wellness experience to your workouts which we believe is key to gaining the results you desire. This is a great way to support your CORE journey!

CORE Tara members have access to over 100 workouts available on demand, targeted courses to get you started and keep you motivated, progress tracking, live stream classes, meal plans, access to High Performance Health Coaching, Tara Kitchen recipes and meal plans, our CORE community, exclusive member benefits and support to help you get the most out of CORE journey.

You can access CORE Tara by downloading the App for free through the Apple App store or Google Play Store or via the web app.

CORE Tara has been designed to be completely flexible, and to deliver results in 20 – 30 minutes a day. We provide easy-to-follow challenges and workout plans that guide you through each day, taking the guesswork out of exercising and ensuring you get the most out of your health and wellbeing journey.

Alternatively, our search function allows you to discover workouts by fitness level, body part, workout duration or equipment. Giving you the ultimate flexibility to work out your way.

Your 7-Day FREE trial or paid subscription will start as soon as you sign up.

Yes, our CORE community is exclusive to members to connect with like-minded people all over the world to stay motivated and keep accountable. You can access it through our app.

You can contact our office on our website via our contact page.

CORE Tara is for every body. We have Fundamental videos to guide you on the key positions, and specific beginner programs for you to follow as you build strength and technique, no Pilates experience is necessary.

No matter your age or fitness level, with over 100 workouts, challenges there really is something for everyone. If you require more advice, our team are on hand to help, just get in touch on our website via our contact page.

Yes, our flexible program can accommodate for a special conditions, injury or chronic condition. When you sign up you will be prompted to complete a short questionnaire, which will help determine your individual needs. This is the best place to start as it provides you with additional guidance on how to move safely and get the most out of the program. We recommend completing a specialised program or condition specific classes 2-3 times over multiple weeks before move onto other classes or workouts. 

If you have been given approval from your doctor / midwife to exercise, then you can follow our specialised Pre and Post natal programs. Our Postnatal program has been specifically designed to get you moving safely and help rebuild strength and abdominal connection post birth. We recommend that you seek clearance from a medical professional before recommencing exercise, this usually happens at about 6 weeks postpartum.

As always, listen to your body and be careful not to over-exert yourself when exercising. If you have any questions about your specific condition or need more information or guidance, just get in touch on our website via our contact page.

CORE Tara is available worldwide. Our on demand workouts can be viewed anywhere, anytime. You must have access to the internet to join live stream classes on your device. Wherever works for you, we’re with you too!

The workouts vary from 5 minutes up to 50 minutes. They are designed to be completed on their own or l together to increase the intensity. 10 – 20 minutes a day is all it takes to see the change and feel your body transform.

Classes are short, targeted, and effective, designed to be able to easily squeeze into your day. If you have more time or want to increase the intensity, layer them together to get the ultimate workout or follow one of our CORE Challenges to take the guesswork out of choosing. Classes are fitness level specific and focused either on specific body parts or total body, so no matter your goals, there is something for everyone.

Your CORE Tara subscription includes online on-demand classes in mat using small equipment Pilates, Prenatal and Postnatal, pathology specific programs, stretch and relaxation, plus monthly live stream classes for an immersive class experience from the comfort of your home .

Our CORE Tara classes offer a range of workouts, some require no equipment, and some workouts allow for additional optional equipment.

Our equipment classes include the use of a small ball, resistance bands, foam roller, pilates ring (Magic Circle) and hand weights.

You will have access for 7-days from the date that you sign up to CORE Tara. At the end of the 7-Day FREE trial you will be charge the subscription amount selected upon registering. The 7-Day FREE trial cannot be extended and cannot be claimed more than once. You will need to sign up to a paid subscription to continue your CORE Tara journey.

CORE Tara is a subscription-based program with monthly and 12-month subscription options. The monthly subscription is billed monthly, and the 12-month subscription is billed yearly. All of these subscriptions can be cancelled at any time through your online account.

All CORE Tara subscriptions are billed to your nominated credit card or debit card via our secure online payment platform.

PLEASE NOTE: A valid credit card is required to activate all subscriptions, including subscriptions using a Gift Voucher.

If you would like to purchase a gift voucher please contact us via our website contact form. 

If you have forgotten your password, please use the “Forgot Password” link on the login page. Please then check your junk / spam folder for the password reset email. 

If it is not in there, please get in touch on our website via our contact page.

If you having trouble logging in please try the following trouble-shooting tips:

– Make sure you are using the exact same email address that you used to subscribe with.

– Double check the spelling of your email address and password to ensure there are no mistakes.

– If you have forgotten your password, please use the “Forgot Password” link on the login page. Please check your junk folder.

– If that doesn’t work, relaunch your browser and try again.