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By Ella Wong

Join our vibrant community and experience the power of Pilates on demand, anytime, anywhere!  Start with our 7-day free trial with no obligation to continue.

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Discover the Power of Movement

CORE Tara has been designed to be flexible to suit your lifestyle, and to deliver results in 20 – 30 minutes of movement exercise a day. We provide easy-to-follow courses and meal plans that guide you through each day, taking the guesswork out of exercising and how to nourish your body, ensuring you get the most out of your health and wellbeing journey.

Follow easy recipes in our delicious meal plans that will nourish your body and soul tailored to your dietary needs and lifestyle. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you’re nourishing your body with wholesome meals without the stress of planning it yourself.

Tap in to our app when you need us most in your day to put some extra pep back in your step or to find a moment of centeredness. Our app is designed to be there for you when you need it most. Find balance, strength, and peace within yourself, while transforming your health and wellbeing.

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What's included

Explore the features of CORE Tara

Live Streams for Real-Time Inspiration and Guidance

Our live streaming sessions bring the energy and excitement of an in-person class right to your living room. Follow along in real-time with our certified instructors and feel your body connect deeper on the mat


A Library of Workouts at Your Fingertips

Discover a comprehensive workout library with a wide range of Pilates exercises tailored to suit all fitness levels. From core strengthening to flexibility training, find the perfect routine that meets your goals.

Whether you're at home, traveling, or on-the-go, access quality content wherever you are that fits seamlessly into your schedule.


A Global Community With a Local Touch

Join our global community and get exclusive insights into the island way of life. Our instructors have deep roots in Tasmania and incorporate their local knowledge and experiences into each class.

Whether you're practicing from the comfort of your own home or halfway across the world, you'll feel connected to the unique energy of Tasmania.


Specialised Programs

Support your body with our specialised movement and nutrition plans, tailored to your goals. Find balance, strength, improve flexibility, rehab a special condition or move through your pre and post natal journey. Feel safe and strong with our specialised programs that move with you.

Tara Kitchen

Carefully crafted by accredited nutritionists we’ll ensure you're getting the nutrients you need to thrive. No complicated instructions or hard-to-find ingredients - just simple, nutritious meals at your fingertips. Catering to vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, or pregnancy and breastfeeding-safe options, enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you're nourishing your body with wholesome meals without the stress of planning it yourself.

Health Coaching

Work one on one with Ella and customise a plan to elevate your health and wellbeing. Develop a customised exercise and lifestyle program to achieve your goals, minimise stress, improve sleep and implement changes to optimise your energy, so you can be your best strong and mindful self.

Coming soon!

Enhance your wellbeing without back bending

Keep your wallet as strong as your Pilates-sculpted figure. No contracts. No joining fees. No cancellation fees. When life’s demands fluctuate and you need a breather, take a break without any additional costs. Catch your breath and return when you’re ready.

Why join CORE Tara

Everything You'll Love About Us

Join a passionate community of individuals committed to their health and well-being. Sign up now for our easy monthly subscription payment plan and start your journey towards a stronger, more mindful self!

Our focus is on nurturing and enhancing your core to create an oasis for health and well-being and empowering you to trust your own unique voice. Through our practice of Pilates, we create an environment where you can cultivate self-awareness and tap into your inner wisdom. Embrace the transformative power of Pilates as a tool for finding balance, harmony, and alignment in both body and mind.

We prioritize creating a nurturing environment for your Pilates journey. Our classes are designed to help you find balance, strength, and peace within yourself. With our grounded approach, you’ll learn techniques to quiet your mind, connect with your body, and cultivate mindfulness both on and off the mat.

Flexibility at your fingertips

Our app offers you the freedom to access our library of on-demand Pilates classes whenever and wherever you want. Enjoy the convenience of setting aside some ‘me time’ on your own time. Our app is designed to guide you towards becoming your best strong and mindful self.

Stay motivated & challenged

Our classes are regularly updated to keep your routine fresh and engaging, ensuring that you stay motivated and challenged. Our instructors are dedicated to providing you with new classes that will elevate your wellbeing and transform your body and mind.

No hidden fees or contracts

No cancellation fees or long-term contracts. We are confident that once you experience the supportive community we've built, you won't want to leave. That's why we don't believe in withholding fees over notice periods - we're here for you every step of the way.


Join our CORE community on any device

After downloading the CORE Tara app, you will have free trial access for 7-days from the date that you sign up. Our free trial is your opportunity to try our Pilates methodology and see if CORE Tara suits your lifestyle.

CORE Tara is a subscription-based program with monthly and 12-month subscription options. The monthly subscription is billed monthly, and the 12-month subscription is billed yearly. All of these subscriptions can be canceled at any time through your online account.

All CORE Tara subscriptions are billed to your nominated credit card or debit card via our secure online payment platform.

Terms and conditions apply – see more here.

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Workout Library
7 Day CORE Beginner Challenge
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Workout Library
7 Day CORE Beginner Challenge
14 Day CORE Moderate Challenge
21 Day CORE Advanced Challenge
Pre & Post Natal Specialised Program
Tara Kitchen Seasonal Meal Plans
Monthly Live Stream Classes

Seasonal Meal Plans also sold separately at $19.99 AUD

Pre & Post Natal Course also sold separately at $39.99 AUD

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