Beloved goddess, it’s time to shed the shackles of self-doubt and insecurity that have bound you for too long. Your divine feminine energy longs to be unleashed in all its radiant glory. We’ve created a sacred refuge where you can reconnect with your inherent wisdom, strength and beauty.

Our holistic Pilates program is designed to awaken the powerful creator within you. Through flowing movements synced with breath, you’ll build a body aligned with pure vital energy. Increased flexibility, stamina and grace are simply bonuses on the path to reclaiming your sacred temple.

Yet this odyssey transcends the physical. As you embody each precise Pilates posture, you’ll experience a profound reawakening of your primal feminine fire. Negative mental loops and limiting beliefs fall away as you gain unshakable confidence in your abilities. This is more than exercise – it’s a rebirth and self discovery.

We nurture you further by guiding your daily act of self-nourishment through wholesome, seasonally-attuned meals. Flooding your cells with nature’s vibrant bounty balances your body’s chemistry and uplifts your spirit. Embrace fueling yourself as an extension of worship.

But no goddess’s metamorphosis is complete without the energizing embrace of her sistren tribe. Our global community serves as an energetic anchor and sacred mirror, reflecting back your divine magnitude. You’ll gain a circle of allies cheering your courage as you transform.

Within our virtual sanctuary, you have permission to be brazen, ambitious and audacious in your self-love practices. Shed old narratives by unleashing primal roars. Dance wildly to the rhythms of your souls’ longings. Laugh with abandon. This is your heroine’s journey of moksha – complete liberation.

Join us at CORE Tara to experience the supreme alchemy of Pilates, luxurious nourishment and soul sisterhood. Radiate your commitment to this journey by claiming your 7-day free trial and visit the App-store or Google-play to download the app today. Let this be the spark igniting your goddess rebirth.

Emerge empowered, embodying the majestic goddess you’ve been all along. Trust the ancient wisdom pulsing through your veins, ignite your passion, and let your true beauty blaze.

With love,

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